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After working for WNEW Radio, International Creative Management, Time-Life Films, HBO, and as an independent theater agent in New York, Denise moved to Los Angeles and worked for several small film companies, coproducing several low budget films before deciding to stretch creatively and find her own voice as a writer.

She has since written over 30 short stories, several of which have been published, and one of which, Sophie, was a runner up in Narrative Magazine’s spring fiction issue. A selection of her fiction, Flicks, was performed at the New Federal Bar in North Hollywood, California as part of their “New Short Fiction Series.”

Her play On The Job was produced in Los Angeles, and her play Trouble Dolls/The Limo Driver was produced and featured as part of the Los Angeles Theater Festival.

She also wrote the screenplay based on her award-winning short story Protection, which was optioned and shot as a SAG short film.

She has written three children’s stories, The Maia Stories.

She has recently completed her latest novel "Buddha Wolf", a sequel to the previously published "Poetic Justice".


Discover Denise's first fiction book


    The Wolf checked himself out in the rearview mirror. He already knew he looked good, but it didn’t hurt to check again. Satisfied, he turned the key and heard the roar of the V-8 engine. It was a sound he never got tired of: they don’t make cars like they used to.

His was a classic ’66 Mustang, not a convertible, but still cool. Original upholstery, radio, even a little tape player. Cars these days didn’t roar, they whimpered. People bragged about how silent they were; how many gadgets were attached; how many things the car could do for you. They could even drive themselves now! He snorted to himself at the stupidity of humanity.

    It was date night, Thursday. Time to find some fresh young lonely soul he could literally charm the pants off. Most people went on the prowl on Friday nights. Payday. Pockets full of money, the mind freed from the suffocating boredom or stress of the workweek. But he had always been ahead of the curve.

    He was not classically handsome, but he had a rough-hewn, primitive quality that a certain type of female couldn’t get enough of. They knew he’d end up breaking their hearts, but they held a silent slice of hope that maybe they’d be the one who could capture him, bind their lives to his, live happily ever after. Women were so foolish, so easy to manipulate.


    The Wolf is developing a reputation as a predator. From Las Vegas to San Francisco, he has managed to elude discovery. In his eyes, he is not the monster the media is saying he is, but a misunderstood and misjudged man who loves and understands women and just wants to make them happy.
    After yet another failed attempt at connection, he heads to Los Angeles. One night at a bar called Ryan’s, he meets an attractive young woman named Wendy, whom he comes to believe is the soulmate he has been searching for. After a disastrous breakup and a history of picking the wrong men, Wendy has given up all hope of finding a soulmate, until the Wolf walks into her life.
    When Wendy goes off the grid for a few days, her best friend Cilla is concerned and asks for help from Sam, a private detective with a poetic streak, to find her.
    He does, but as in life, nothing is what it seems to be. Feelings change; perceptions change, but destiny has its way in the end.

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